Wednesday, 24 April 2019


So here it is, something new and a little different from me. Be interested to know what you think.
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Tuesday, 16 April 2019

New page

Been quiet for a while, writing and practising. Got a few new songs and will be playing a few open mics shortly. It's funny how you just need to step away for a while to come back with something new and different. Have a couple of new tracks that I've come up with by practising new strum patterns. Still not quite there but hoping that with time I'll master them soon.

Also, I took the leap and created a FB page, already have a Instagram / Twitter, and have been avoiding FB page for a while but no more!   

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Friday, 8 March 2019

Falling not failing

Been quiet for a while, just organising stuff for SoSlam and planning gigs and events for others. Went to Brighton with The Long Run & Rooskin for a gig at the Hope & Ruin. Such a great venue and great to get out of Southend for a gig. If you're in Brighton the Hope & Ruin it is a must for live music. My next three songs are ready to go and should be out on Friday 15th March. Hopefully an improvement on previous songs (that's all I hope for). I'd value any feedback or comments you have on them. Songs are called, 1. FALLING 2.AN INVISIBLE THREAD 3.EMPTY POCKETS and I've put them together as they are based around the same theme but from different situations. In general they are all focused around life challenges, Growing Up, Aspiring to something Bereavement, Missing someone, and leaving home. As a 3 I collectively call them, FALLING NOT FAILING. meaning its OK to make mistakes, to be sad, to miss someone and to fall, it doesn't mean you've failed. So pleased with the cover for the EP, designed by me and executed by the extremely talent Darren Jones. Check out his artwork on Facebook DARREN JONES ARTWORK

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

New song

Got my 3 mastered tracks back and really excited about them. I genuinely feel they are a progression from my last 3 songs across all aspects. I have had a few comments about 'An Invisible Thread' and so I throw together a quick video to share it around. Hopefully, I'll be working on a proper video soon. I was so please with this, I controlled every aspects of the composition, even had a clear idea of how I wanted the piano. I was so pleased that I also obtained the track as an instrumental. CLICK for Instrumental which I have sent off to website that accept tracks for TV and Film. I think it would be great as a backing to a moody scene!!!
Thank you for reading my little blog. I would really welcome any comments you have.
'An Invisible Thread' - Darren Jones on Piano / Joe Lamb on Guitar 

Monday, 14 January 2019

Great start to the year

Had a great refreshing start to 2019. First week of the year I went into London Road Studios and recorded 3 of my new songs. These are three songs I am really proud of. I felt I had more control and a clearer vision for the composition of the tracks as we added piano, guitar & bass and I'm really excited about how they sound. I tried two of them out last week at an originals open mic and received some really positive feedback. Granted most of the feedback is about the lyrics, but I did get some comments on how my voice is improving, which is really encouraging to hear. I am just waiting for the final mastering of the tracks, and the artwork and then I'll be releasing them as an EP. Can't wait for you to hear them! 

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Happy New Music Year

Happy New year! A really great start to the year for me. My family brought me a new guitar! well it's a brand new second hand guitar but awesome nonetheless. I have been borrowing a friend's electro acoustic this past year so it's amazing to get my very own guitar and the fact that my family got it for me makes it even more special. As I reflect on the past year I'd say I'm pretty pleased to have achieved what I did. I had some very shaky moments but I've been very fortunate to be surrounded by a supportive family and friends that encourage me. I haven't liked everything I've done, I had some really dodgy moments writing, singing and performing, but I am proud I've kept at it. I do feel that I've improved and still feel there's a lot more to come. With a new guitar comes a new relationship and a commitment now to carry on. I am going back into the studio tomorrow to record three songs that are very symbolic of the past year. One's about changing you life, one's about missing someone and one's about getting back up after making mistakes. I hope to release them under one title as a mini E.P, and it'll be called 'Falling not Failing'. So Happy New Year! I hope 2019 works out well, and if you decide to continue to follow my journey, then thank you, I hope you get to hear something you like! 

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

1 year in!

So it's been a full year now since I started this journey into music. I feel like I have achieved a lot in a short space of time. I've written a few songs that I am proud of (and some I'm not! haha) and my guitar playing has improved as has my singing. Still taking tiny steps and still tons to learn and develop. Last night was a special night, I performed at Battlelines, songwriters night. A monthly gig that I co - set up about 4 years ago. For those 4 years (until last night) I have always been the admin, on the sidelines, organising the nights. Such a massive step for me to participate last night, and I am so proud I did it. A really nice way to end my first full year. Thank you to all those that have helped me, encouraged me, and given me sound advice, AND thank you to anyone that has taken the time to listen to my little songs. 2019 should be interesting!